Monday, December 26, 2011

Some Suggested Resolutions From Believe

Every year at the time, we are bombarded with talk of New Year's Resolutions. People fervently vow to lose 30 pounds or run 10 miles daily or a host of other things overwhelmingly abandoned, studies show, by February 15th.

So instead of setting unrealistic physical goals, we at Believe are trying to work on our spiritual sides and make resolutions we really can work on daily throughout the year—no matter if we're facing down another piece of pizza or if a blizzard gets in the way of our jogging. These resolutions can help remake us from the only place that truly matters---from the inside out. Perhaps you'd care to join us in giving a few of these resolutions a go?
  1. Stop That Voice In Your Head: The one that tells you that you can't...Can't lose the weight, get the job, find the lover, face the fear. Even if you have to say “No!” or “Stop!” out loud when the negative thoughts come back. (This makes you look less like a crazy person now that Bluetooth phones make talking to yourself respectable.) Then fill in that verbal space you've just created with a positive mental voice saying “”Go for it”, “One step at a time” or “Give it a shot.”
  2. Realize You Can Do Anything For A Short Time: If you feel overwhelmed by the resolution to quit smoking or whatever you are finding difficult, use my mother's expression: “You can do anything for 24 hours. Hell, you could even be in prison for that long.” Break time into more manageable sections. Put off having that cigarette or eating that piece of pie for the next two hours, and then two more...It's like stringing pearls on a necklace.
  3. Respond Don't React: Resolve this year that you will stop for at least a beat (preferably a day) and consider what you should do or say when faced with an alarming situation. Take a breath. Take another. Tell people you want some time to think things over. If it's an argument you are dying to have with someone, write down what you want to say, put the letter in a drawer for 72 hours and then take it out to see if you still want to say those things—or say them in that way. Remember, you never have to take back words unsaid.
  4. Quit Worrying So Much: Worry never does anything except sap your energy, make you irritable and affect your sleep patterns. Every time a worry floats into your mind, stop it in its tracks and ask yourself if there is anything you can do about it now. If not, take a page from Scarlett O'Hara and resolve to think about it tomorrow. Legitimate planning for the future is okay (but no cheating on yourself. You know the difference between planning and worry.)
  5. Don't “Should” On Yourself: There really is nothing you can do about spilt milk. Spending time saying to yourself, “I should have...” about any past event is a waste of time. Just put a bookmark on the behavior and don't do it that way next time.
  6. Practice Kindness: Treat everybody you encounter with consideration—not just people your friends and family. Ask co-workers how you can help them. Offer your arm to help push a wheelchair or hold a door open for someone elderly you encounter at the mall. Go meet the mail delivery person so he or she doesn't have to take the walk to your front door to deliver that package. Let someone in front of you in rush hour traffic. Stop interrupting everyone's sentences.
  7. Learn To Receive Graciously: From a compliment on your blouse to an offer to help you finish addressing those envelopes for your synagogue, don't backtalk (“Oh this old thing? It's a rag” or “Nah, I'll do it myself”). Thank the person offering you the compliment and take the assistance. It makes people happy to help you. Let them.
  8. Resolve To Be Happy: At least for a part of every day in 2012, be happy. Step outside to smell the air. Go watch the Halloween parade, even if you don't have kids. Have lunch at the botanical garden. Volunteer to read at the local nursing home. Stretch your spirit in some way. Weed people, places and things that bring you down out of your life this year. Fill your life with uplifting things. Make sure you are one of those uplifting things for other people.
  9. Be Good To Yourself: Take some time to meditate on the things in your life for which you are thankful (a Zum soy candle is the perfect accompaniment to this quality time with yourself). Treat yourself to a scalp massage and conditioning treatment after the hectic holidays. Take turns giving your partner a weekly massage (Zum Body Butters are fabulous for this.) Reinvent yourself this year: Let's try a new cut or color or both or add an extension or feather for fun (you can never have too much of that). Fill your shelves with wonderful products for your hair and skin to make 2012 a comfortable year for your outsides, too. (Come into Believe and let us make some suggestions.)
We, at Believe, hope you have a new year filled with health, prosperity, joy and many blessings. Thank you for letting us share your 2012 with you!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wishing you and yours...

A joyous holiday season!
We are closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but will be back on the 27th to get you looking even more beautiful for those New Year's parties.
Also, next week, we'll be posting a blog about some New Year's Resolutions that are a little different than the ordinary.
Till then, have fun with your family and friends and remember to love one another...all year 'round.
Lisa and the staff at Believe

Monday, December 19, 2011

Let Believe Keep The Holiday Insanity At Bay

If you've braved the mall (or even driven by it) you know ---things are crazy out there!

According to the National Retail Federation, fewer shoppers have completed their holiday buying compared to this time last year.

According to NRF's 2011 Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, conducted by Big Research, the average person had completed 46.5% of her shopping now- less than the 49.5% in the same period a year ago. Nearly 37 million people (16.5%) had not even started their shopping as of late last week, the survey says, while only 7.6% said they have completely finished shopping already.

If you are one of the procrastinators, take heart. We, at Believe, can solve your shopping dilemma and it only will take one stop—and a restful one at that. We'll give you a hot cup of herb tea and, while you sip, Santa's elves (cleverly disguised as the Believe staff) will check off the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

We even have some sales (so you won't miss the department store experience), Buy a White Tea Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner and you get a White Tea Daily Conditioner free (slip it in your own stocking!) or make everybody left on your list happy and get them a Zum Body Basket, now 20% off, with Zum Bath Salts, Zum Body Lotion and two Zum soaps in your choice of scents. (If the recipient is not yet a fan of Zum, they will be after this gift. Zum is addicting.)

Get the men in your life a fabulous after-shave, Tend Skin, guaranteed to baby his skin through the harsh winter you know is right around the corner. Add to your best friend's jewelry collection with a unique piece from the Japanese artist Kazuko and butter up all the babies in your life with Wee Baby products (the lavender scent helps the little ones sleep—and may even inspire visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads! Fido and fluffy are part of the family,too, and Y.U.M Wash Doggie Soap and Y.U.M mist will keep your home filled with holiday scents (instead of kennel smells.) Speaking of scent, be sure to stock up on Zum soy candles in wonderful scents like Myrrh (the Wise Man were on to something there.) Or cover all your bases by having the staff at Believe whip up a custom gift basket or come by and see the ones we already have waiting for you. If all else fails, Believe offers Gift Cards so your friends and loved ones can choose their own gift after the holiday.

While you are here, treat yourself...Get a festive red hair extension for $10 and we'll donate the money to charity (also to help those less fortunate, bring in any hair product you aren't using anymore –even half empty—and we will give you 20% off a product we recommend to substitute for it. We'll donate the used one to the Women's Shelter). Don't forget to make a appointment for a Conditioning Treatment and Blowdry (for $50) or a $25 Blowdry that will have you looking your best for that holiday party or church service. We've still got a couple of openings left.

When it comes to gifts, Believe's got you covered but hurry in. Our holiday hours are 10 am-7 pm Tuesday, December 20th through Friday, the 23rd. We are closed Christmas Eve for festivities for our own relatives and friends, but we'd love to see you—our other family—to wish you Happy Holidays.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Doing Up Your "Do" For The Holidays

Whether your plans call for an elegant dinner or a work get together at a spectacular restaurant, breaking out your finery (sparkly jewelry included) also means inviting your hair to the party. Put away the every-day, celebrate the occasion and sweep your hair into an updo.

 A French twist is no longer the only way for your hair to help raise your spirits. Try these variations on the classic and get ready to party like it's (almost) 2012:

The Rocker: 
Headed for The Hard Rock or the hippest party in Manhattan? This may be the style for you. Slather wet hair with a volumizing product like CHROMASTICS GEL to give more life and texture to your hair. Blow dry by using a round brush. Wrap your hair around the barrel tightly and blow your hair with hot heat aimed right at it till its dry. Back comb at the top for height and make a messy bun on the back of your head. Hold the do with bobby pins in the center and spray for hold with SCRUPLES HAIR SPRAY.

The Retro: Think serene thoughts of Princess Grace and use a smoothing serum like AGADIR MORROCAN OIL in damp hair. Blow dry with a vent and brush to up the shine factor. Plump up the roots with a little gel like CHROMASTICS TRIORGANIC SPRAY GEL. Make a ponytail and anchor it with bobby pins. Separate into two sections. Wrap one around as the bun section (secure with pins) and let the other hang loosely. Set with a finishing spray like IDEN FINISH SPRAY.

The Bedroom: Looking like you just came from a tussle in the boudoir with George Clooney is a good thing. Blow your hair straight with a large barrel brush. Take the top half of your hair and tease it. Afterwards create structure by combing it back with a fine tooth comb. Gather all the hair upward and secure with pins. To frame your face, let some loose strands fall and pull out wispy bangs. Enhance the sheen finish by spraying with a light mist like AESTELANCE SPRAY LIGHT.

The Innocent: Want to stand out from the holiday crowd? Employ the old saying, “less is more.” Blot your hair dry with a towel (gently!) and use your fingers as a comb to blow dry. Create a loose ponytail low on one side of your next using a wide tooth comb. Take the bottom of your pony tail and wrap the bottom into the elastic holding the ponytail, creating a bun. Spray with AESTELANCE LUSTRE to enhance the shine.

At Believe we carry all the wonderful products mentioned above and will be happy to consult with you about which of these updos will work best for you—or, better still, make an appointment for us at Believe to create that perfect updo style for you before the big party. (Consider it a holiday treat you give yourself.) But hurry! Our appointment book is filling up fast! While you are here, stock up on our fabulous selections of gifts for everyone on your list. We hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Believe's Got A Gift For Everyone

Black Friday's past. Cyber Monday flew by and your gift-buying expedition is still only in the planning stages. If the thought of braving the mall gives you a headache or you dread getting that Amazon message that says your shipment won't arrive until January 8th, we at Believe have got you covered. Here are gift selections for everyone you need to remember at the holidays. Come into Believe for one-stop shopping (and spend your extra free time making a wish list of things you want for yourself):

For your Mom: Unless your mother is Barbara Bush, she probably complains often about her gray or white hair. It's dull, it makes her looks old, she hates looking in the mirror. Bring her into Believe for a color rinse to replace that yellow tinge with a snowy and beautiful sheen or highlights to blend that gray into an intriguing salt-and-pepper mix. (Dad could benefit too. Tell him it will make him look distinguished.) Make an appointment now (or buy a gift card for future use.)

For your husband: Your husband probably grew up in a world where razors were plastic and came by the dozen and where his father's idea of skin care was a splash of Old Spice after the chin scraping. Well, times have changed and, while we aren't advocating guy-liner, it is no longer unmasculine to take care of your skin. Introduce your man to a great product for after the shave TEND SKIN. It will help keep his skin smooth and soothe irritation winters dryness.

For your boss: Hey, even managers need a little love. If you are stressed out at work, it's a good bet so is your boss. Get her (or him-- we aren't sexist) a scented soy candle from Zum. With rich fragrances like Myrrh (and metro-sexual ones like Pine), you can help provide a short mental vacation for your overworked boss and maybe they'll think kindly of you at bonus time.

For your sister: To make up for all those times she stole your clothes when you were kids, buy her a fabulous piece of jewelry from Japanese artist KAZUKO, who creates hand made unique and beautiful pieces that will help celebrate how unique and beautiful your sis is. The best part? You can “borrow” the jewelry when she's not looking.

For your daughter: Remember being a teenager where you sometimes had to get noticed to express your individuality or else you just faded into the crowd? Bring your teen (or tween) in for feather hair extensions and help your daughter shout to the world: “Look at me!” The extensions are fabulous fun and—the best part--are a lot less permanent than a tattoo or a pierced tounge.

For your grand-baby: Speaking of stress relief hardly anything matches the exhaustion of new parents. Everyone will get the little squirt toys and clothes. Invest in a set of Wee Baby skin care products by Zum and you can make the whole new family happy. This set of organic lavender body lotion, diaper cream, aroma-mist and soap is sure to help quiet a cranky little one and give Baby's parents what they need most—a little peace and quiet.

For the family dog: Fluffy isn't getting outside as much as the weather turns colder and, to tell you the truth, he's beginning to smell a little too aromatic. Get rid of that cabin fever smell by giving him a bath with Y.U.M. WASH Doggie Soap or give him a spritz with Y.U.M. mist. It's good both for his coat and skin and your nose. Bonus: Your house will no longer smell like a kennel.

For the omigod-we-are-having-a-gift-exchange situation: Don't have a clue what to buy Susie in the next cubicle? Come in to Believe and we will help make you up a custom gift basket based on any clues you have about old Sus...or check out our selection of gift baskets already created. You are sure to find one to save you at Secret Santa time or when you find out last-minute that Aunt Jennie is showing up at the holiday dinner.

Still feeling uninspired? At Believe the staff is well-trained in picking out the perfect gift, no matter who is on your list. Stop by or give us a call at 914-747-0778. We'll be happy to help (and glad to see you!) And remember, appointments for the holidays are filling up fast, so call today if you need spiffing up before that festive gathering. Hope to see you soon.