Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Holidays (Bargains) from Believe!

Ho ho ho and fa la la from Believe! The holiday season is upon is and once again we are playing Santa’s helpers by offering some fabulous gift ideas, now through December 31st only! So stop by Believe, share a cup of good cheer (cleverly disguised as herbal tea) and do your holiday shopping right here—out of the madness—and get gifts sure to please.

We are also introducing a new product that can actually take 10 years off your appearance: Nerium Age-Defying Treatment. Come learn about it at our Holiday Open House with Kimberly Dow on Wednesday, December 11th at 7:30 pm. Have a glass of wine and learn the secrets of this wonderful new product (it's even got a 30-day money back guarantee!)

  • Make the acquaintance of our new makeup artist, Angelique Massaline, who will create a fabulous holiday look for you to carry into the new year for only $50. Angelique works by appointment only, so call soon to book as her appointments are filling up fast. (You can also pay for an appointment for your daughter, mother-in-law or anybody else who could stand a makeover for 2014 and have them make the appointment at their leisure. They will be forever grateful for helping reveal a new face for the new year.
  • Wrap everyone up in the butter soft warmth of pashmina’s. We have a fabulous selection for only $16each and, if you buy three, you’ll get another (for yourself?) for 50% off. At this price, you can afford to get all your colleagues one and another for your mother, the ever-cold, and already longing for Florida.
  • For your aunt, gift her with a gorgeous infinity scarf or a printed pashmina for only $30.
  • Your young friends and relatives in the Green Generation will love gifts from our collection of Fig Naturals, including deodorant, soap, lotion and lotion bar—all 10% off the regular price.
  • For that office holiday swap, we are offering tantalizing gift bags ranging from $10-$30.
  • For the men in your life, buy a brand new brush or comb and get another for 10% off.
  • Get your dry-skinned sister any three Thunder Ridge Emu Oil products and get the EMU lip refresher free and for your best friend who just can’t stand her hair the minute winter arrives, treat her to an OLIO Blowdry Treatment. For only $110, it adds shine, deep conditions, provides instant manageability and eliminates that dreaded frizz. (You know for all she has seen you through this past year, she is worth it, dontcha?)
  • For your hard-to-please teen, how about clip-in extensions in three outrageous colors-your choice—only $10 (and they might keep her from dyeing her hair blue.)
  • If your boss has a little Hilary in her, go for tie-dyed by hand headbands (three for $10) or hand-dyed hair ties (five for $10).
  • For your littlest elves, check out a fabulous line of children's hair products: Kids Ragazzi. Buy three, get another for 50% off.
  • Spruce yourself up a little for the holidays and make an appointment to get your lashes tinted—only $25 (that’s $10 off the usual price). While you are at it, we are featuring new Grande Brow and Grande Lash Formulas for $5 off (these formulas actually regrow hair and lashes!) Grande Nutra Peptide Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum--buy three and get $10 off on this miracle product which really gives you thicker, healthier hair for the holidays.
  • Make use of this next deal to fill everyone’s stocking with a little something: Buy any two products and get 30% off any other product.
  • And, if the holidays are just too hectic to think straight and you can’t make another decision, don’t forget to pick up a handful of Believe gift cards. They are always appreciated and will make you look like Old St. Nick yourself.

Call or go online for an appointment or stop in for some shopping. (We are open our regular hours until Christmas Eve when we are open only until 3:30. We are closed December 25th and 26th, but are open to make you gorgeous for New Year's Even until 3 pm. Then we are closed again on New Year's Day.) We can’t wait to see you here at Believe. Come get out of the cold, share our holiday excitement and wish us a happy new year. We certainly wish one full of joy and blessings for you!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Introducing Angelique! Makeup Artist Extraordinaire

October flew by here at Believe and we suffered our annual shock to see Christmas decorations going up at our local supermarket before the calendar had even changed from November. But ready or not, the holiday season is upon us all and, at Believe, we have a special announcement to help you shine at all the upcoming parties:

Believe welcomes Makeup Artist Extraordinaire: Angelique Massaline. Angelique is a freelance artist for the world-famous Mac line of cosmetics and has joined the Believe family for makeup makeovers or applications by appointment.

Here is a little about Angelique in her own words:

“I love makeup. It has the power to transform, giving you a chance to completely change your look from day-to-day. You can enhance or exaggerate your features; you can be soft and natural; or edgy or go for over-the top glamour. Makeup also allows you to camouflage imperfections or add better-than-what-Nature-gave-you bone structure using contouring and highlighting techniques without going under the knife. The best part is, all the changes just wash off.

I've been doing makeup pretty since I begged my mom to let me wear it (at about 14 and have been indulging my passion ever since. Older friends of mine in their ‘20's would ask me how I did my makeup and wanted tips and, once I realized I was good at what I did and had a natural talent, I went to BOCES (Board of Cooperative Educational Services) and took a Cosmetology course. Once there, I quickly realized that hair was not my passion, and, after some time working in the corporate world, I arranged my life so that I could pursue my dream of being a true artist of makeup full-time. I am thrilled to be able to do so at Believe.

I first became interested in doing makeup because I have big eyes and I wanted to learn how to play them up even more. The first eye shadows I owned were gold, silver and pink (it was the ‘80's) which are colors I still use, albeit in less frosty forms.

By finding and applying the right colors for people, I love seeing how someone can come out of their shell and maybe find an alter-ego or just a little more confident version of themselves.  All it takes is a little shimmer here and some shadow there. 

Personally, I love getting dolled up and really enjoy employing perhaps a bold red lip and some winged black liner to bring out the inner Marilyn or Audrey in a woman who didn’t know they were inside of them just waiting to come out and dazzle the world. I truly enjoy doing makeovers as well. I had the amazing experience recently of making up the ladies for the Discovery Store Fashion Show and am eager to show off some tips and tricks I learned for Believe’s wonderful customers. 

Oh, and I can’t neglect to mention that I particularly love brides and feel honored when I’m entrusted to do their makeup on their special day.  

So, I look forward to meeting you all and working with Lisa and her incredible staff at Believe. It is a special place with wonderful creative energy and I can’t wait to add my own talents to the brilliant team at Believe. Please call now (914) 747-0778 or book online to make your appointment (before the holiday rush starts in full force.)

Let’s create something truly special for the holidays.

Here’s to a more beautiful you,

We at are delighted to have Angelique and are accepting appointments for her now. Schedule a new look for the holidays or give a makeover as a gift or learn a new color palette for the changing season (or your changing skin) or get a makeup lesson to suit a new hairstyle.

(And while you are at Believe, ask about our new product to give you the longest lashes you’ve ever had –more on that in December—and stock up on a few early gifts to get a head start on your shopping. We have some terrific suggestions.)

Hoping to see you soon. We are thankful for all of you!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Welcome Autumn With A Trip To Believe

Whew! The kids are back at school (maybe even off to college), vacation is over and your tan is (unfortunately) fading. Summer is behind you and, as you watch the leaves begin to fall, you know winter is not far behind. Before the snowy season hits, with all its attendant beauty troubles, we here at Believe want to help you say adios to all the summer flakes, frizzes and dryness and welcome fall in a radiant way.
Let’s start at the top: Your hair...While you were having fun at the beach or pool, your poor hair was frying and being stripped of essential moisture. (We won’t even mention what your poor scalp had to deal with — all those flakes from sunburned skin clogging up the pores. Never fear, we can fix that scarecrow hair by treating you to a deep conditioning session with one of the Believe team. Not only will we give you a fabulous (and relaxing) scalp massage, but your hair will drink in all the vitamins and minerals it needs to replenish itself, Then take home some help in the form of Aestelance Protein & Mud or the delectable smelling Dieci Plus Hair Mask. Ask about Shine & Moisture Treatment Vials, too, to keep your hair sated right through the coldest October night (quick to add to your service and only $10).If frizz is your problem, don’t let it get worse now when we all have to turn on our home and work heating systems. Book an Ultimate Soothing Treatment from Olio and Domani. This odorless treatment provides intense repair as it smooth and softens even the most unmanageable hair and it last two full months. Book a treatment now for only $90 (hurry! This sale ends soon.)Don’t forget to make an appointment to correct that color bleached by the sun, too. Lisa, the Master Colorist, will be off October 17-19th, so book soon so you don’t miss her limited availability, And no doubt you need those summer-dried ends snipped. Come in soon for a seasonal cut.As to that skin of yours…We hope you used lots of sunscreen this summer but even if you didn’t, you are bound to have suffered some UV ray damage and dryness. With the complete line of Thunder Ridge Emu oil products we carry at Believe, all of them rich with moisture, we’ll have your complexion glowing again in no time. Now is also the perfect time to stock up on all your favorite products. Believe is having a sale! Buy any two products and get the 3rd  20% off! Try our Fig Naturals, locally made, natural deodorant and lotion bar and kiss that flaky skin goodbye.Once your hair and skin are back in shape, show them off a little. We have Dye Ties (get five hair ties or three headbands for $10) and do a good deed while getting a great look by buying a pink clip-in hair extension, also for $10, in the month of October. All proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society. Decorate your wrist with a Pura Vida bracelet (insert photo) Buy any three and get $1 off.Call Believe for an appointment now. Come show us your vacation photos, sip a cup of tea as the     winds of autumn howl, give your hair and skin the deep conditioning, moisturizing, cut and color you need to face the changing seasons and leave looking your best. We hope to see you soon!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fighting Winter Dry Hair and Skin At Believe

Spring is right around the corner (trust us) but with cold, windy, stormy days of winter, it surely doesn’t feel that way and your hair and skin don’t seem to believe it either. Your lips get chapped, your skin dries up and your hair feels like straw. 

What’s worse is the static electricity that gives you an extra jolt and makes your hair do that less-than-attractive things of standing on end. Believe can help fight winter woes in all ways.
Take advantage of our new online appointment scheduling at or pick up the phone and call us at (914) 747-0778 and schedule an appointment. We’ll take you in, unwrap you from your scarf, hat, mittens and coat, put a hot mug of herbal tea in your hand and get to work fighting Old Man Winter.

For lips, we have ZUM organic chapsticks made with all natural ingredients to soothe and heal your kisser no matter how cracked. We’ll then send you home with some ZUM body lotion and soap made with real goat’s milk to have your itchy skin back to normal long before you see the first daffodil. Next we’ll tackle that hair!

We at Believe know what those cold winds (and the overheated places we go to get away from them) can do to our hair—dry it right out until it feels (and sometimes looks) like hay in a country barn. You need a deep conditioning treatment during this season when we are all heating our homes and offices and think how yummy a scalp massage would feel (we’ll give you both). We also have some of the world’s best products to maintain the moisture at home afterwards. 

Agadir International—which contain a miracle substance known as Argan Oil from the fruit of the native Moroccan Argan tree (Argania Spinosa) keeps your hair shiny and supple even in winter. A daily conditioner like Iden Treatment to keep moisture in your hair with a dollop of Aestelance Butter for good measure (It can even be used on your dry skin.)

 Keep the crackles to a minimum by using Aromatic Lotion Anti-Static Spray by Aestelance (even on your hairbrush to cut down on static). And speaking of brushes, plastic hairbrushes are doing you no favors when it comes to static. Check out our selection of natural bristle brushes while you are at Believe. Using high quality hair sprays and gels like Iden Finish Spray and Hydrogel will also help the problem.

Since winter is so harsh, it is best to treat your hair gently in these months. Shampoo less often and then only with a conditioning shampoo (we’ll be happy to recommend some.) Don't blow-dry your hair. Instead pat it (don't rub) dry with a towel and let it air dry whenever possible. Use a wide tooth comb on wet hair, never pull with a brush. (Be sure to leave enough time for hair to fully dry before you race out into the cold air, though. Suffering for beauty needn’t include catching pneumonia!)

At Believe we have everything you need to keep (or get) your hair in fighting shape to stay in the ring with winter and come out shining in Spring. Make an appointment soon and let us add some shine to your winter-weary hair.