Thursday, June 12, 2014

Believe Client Profiles: Dan Petrilli

Believe Beauty Lounge is so honored to have such a varied and impressive clientele visit our salon. Every so often, we love to profile some of these amazingly talented clients who grace our blue chairs and allow us to style their look.

This edition:

Dan Petrilli

Dan Petrilli is an accomplished chef and entrepreneur. Previously, he owned the delicious restaurant, "Haven" in Pleasantville, before selling the restaurant and moving on to exciting new ventures in Manhattan. 

How long have you been going to Believe?
I have been going to Believe and, more specifically, to Lisa for 15 years. Before Believe even existed in fact! Basically I go wherever Lisa is.

Why do you prefer Believe over other salons?
I go to Believe for Lisa and her amazing work. I don't trust anyone else with my hair. I have moved all around Westchester County but I still make sure to take the ride up to Pleasantville to see her. She's that good.

How long have you lived in the Pleasantville area?
I've lived in the area for about 18 years.

Can you tell me very briefly about your work?
I am a chef. It's a busy job with a difficult schedule. I have always loved Lisa because she has been accommodating to my hectic hours. This made me loyal to her even more. Currently I commute from White Plains but I still go to see only her.

Do you have a website or any additional info you would like to plug for your work or personal life?
Well I recently sold Haven in Pleasantville, and I am currently working on an exciting Vegan project in Manhattan. I will let you know more about it as it progresses!

Thank you so much, Dan. We will be standing by to hear more about your upcoming project!