Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Perfect Gifts For Everyone On Your List From Believe

Chanukah is almost over and Christmas is coming right up! If you've seen the full-to-bursting parking lots at the Mall or waited way too long to speak to Customer Service when your internet shopping went awry, you know that time is flying. 

If you can't face another crowd, are out of ideas, and wish you could wave a magic wand and have all your shopping behind you, we at Believe (doing double duty as fairy godmothers) can grant that wish. (Consider it our little gift to you.) 

Here are our picks for Perfect Gifts For Everyone On Your List: 
Your Mom: You know it is time for a makeover for Mom. She's looking a little tired and her old hair color just doesn't suit her anymore. But should you tell her? No! Better yet, buy a Believe Gift Card and send her in for a consultation and makeover with our master colorist and stylist, Lisa. She will talk things over with her, make suggestions and your Mom will leave the chair looking (and feeling) like a new woman. (If you give her the gift of a new Sedu 3600i Blowdryer (on sale now for only $140) she can keep her new style up more easily at home, too.
Teenager Girl: With teenage girls, it is often all about the hair. Buy her a Flatiron for $144 (a 20% discount) and we'll throw in a Flatiron Comb for half-price. (We will also teach her how to use it properly, so she won't fry her hair.) Help her say goodbye to the curls she has hated since she was in third grade and hello to sleek, shiny hair.
Teenage Boy: Long hair is making a comeback, but that in-between stage (when it's growing out) is a mess. Buy him a Cut and Style to keep it in shape (and sexy) while it is getting longer. Do you really think Justin Beiber got that famous from his singing talent? was his hair!
Grandmother: Is she sick of those stray grays or fading hair color? Send her in for a custom color by Chromastics. Permanent and Demi-Permanent colors are based on pure tones.  Countless colors can be achieved and due to a soy and hydrolyzed wheat protein base, the product actually helps repair her hair, no matter how long (or how badly) she's been coloring it.
Husband:  Let's face it...sometimes life is a pain in the neck. Your husband works hard, putting up with subways, traffic and the jerks at his office just to help earn the daily bread, Say thanks in a way that matters. Buy a Neck Ease Wrap (20% off) and let the soothing aromas of lavender and herbs, combined with the warm softness of the wrap itself, help unkink those sore muscles and welcome him home in a way he'll remember.
Mother-In-Law: Tell her (with a straight face) that a woman as beautiful as she is deserves to be decorated. Then stop by Believe to check out our selection of jewelry--now all on sale. Buy one and get another 20% off, (Maybe the second one should go in your stocking for being such a dutiful daughter-in-law?) Can't bring yourself to say it? Then gift her with one of the unique fragrances from our CB I Hate Perfume collection (at least you'll like the way she smells.)
Co-Workers: They are always tough to shop for, we know. How to get them something nice, but not too personal and, if your office engages in blind gift exchanges, what's a good one-size- fits-all gift to get? We recommend body butters like Aestalance--great for everybody's static-y hair (or bald scalp) and other dry bits.
Stocking Stuffers: The ZUM family of products make great stocking stuffers--give ZUM Organic Goat Milk Soap (in your choice of fabulous fragrances) now on sale. Buy two get another soap 50% off and Zum Chapsticks (Buy two, get another 50% off). All Zum products are welcome treats during these cold, drying months.
YOU: Let's not forget the most important person here. Instead of all those broken resolutions, make a real change to usher in 2013. Consult with Lisa, Believe's owner, for the perfect new style and color and really do it up for that New Year's party. YOU are a star and we'll make you look and feel like one by working a little magic at Believe. Hurry in! Our December sale ends the 23rd and our holiday appointments are filling up fast! Here's to shining brightly in the new year.

Friday, November 2, 2012

After The Storm At Believe

We at Believe know Hurricane Sandy threw everybody for a loop and, while we are sending our good thoughts and positive vibes that you got through the storm safe and sound (or that the damage to your property was minimal), we wanted to do more, so we have corralled in one place a bunch of our Specials for an After The Storm event.  You deserve some deals and a little pampering after what was surely an unsettling time. And to help out, if you are out of shampoo because of the storm, stop by and we'll be happy to give you some for free!

Please give us a call or stop by Believe Beauty Lounge now to take advantage of these offers or just to share a cup of hot tea and let us know you are okay (and charge your devices while you are here. We are happy to share our power.)

For Your Hair:
20% off all brushes and combs
$25 Blow Drys
Buy any two hair accessories and get another for 50% off
Buy Agadir Shampoo and Conditioner and get any other Agadir product for 15% off.
Personalized Scalp and Hair Conditioning Treatments are now $50 (Blow Dry Included).
Buy White Tea Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner and get the Daily Conditioner Free!
Ask us about our quick and easy vial treatments to add shine, volume or moisturize for only $10. (Add it to your service in the salon or you can also do it at home.)
Buy any 32 oz. shampoo and get 20% off a 32 oz. conditioner.
Get 20% off Any Aestelance shampoo.
Try our new Keratin Blowdry Treatment for only $75. (This instant treatment seals color, curtails hair breakage, detangles hair, eliminates split ends, enhances shines, enhances body, eliminates frizz nourishes dry damaged hair, promotes silkiness, and acts as a thermal protector.
Buy a flat iron and get a flat iron comb for 50% off.
Need a quick fix for your grey hair? Try our hair mascara to temporarily cover your grey until our next appointment for only $22.
Want volume without the alcohol drying out your hair? Get 20% off Aestalance Volume Spray.

For Your Body:
$10 off all of our beautiful jewelry.
Stock up on Sugar Lips Tank Tops for only $10.
Get 50% off CB I HATE PERFUMES scents
$10 Off Spoon Rings and Spoon Key Chains.
Enjoy 20% off ZUM Mist.

For Your Face & Skin:
Buy any two ZUM Goat's Milk Soaps and get the third soap free
Lash Tinting Now Only $35.
Come check out our ColorMe Wand for fun temporary air mascara available in awesome colors: Violet, Teal, Blue, Red, Lime, and Fascia. $20 for application (and to take home the wand) and $12 without salon application and to take the wand home with you.

For Your Heart:
Got a lot of product clutter? Ask us about our Product Exchange: Bring in any used/unwanted products and receive 20% off a recommended product. We will donate or unwanted products to the women’s shelter Hope’s Door.

For Your Wallet:
Buy any two products get the third product half off!

For Yourself or a Friend
Grab up a gift card now and use when you have more time or save for gifting a friend.
Gift baskets are available for $30 and less.
If anyone needs a shampoo due to ack of charge
free wifi and charging stations

We'll be honoring these prices through Thanksgiving, so hurry in!

Though sometimes it doesn't seem as if the sun will come out tomorrow, we will put this storm behind us and the holidays are right around the corner, so while you are at Believe, make your holiday appointment now. You want to look great for those photos while you are making new (better) memories.

Check this space next month for Believe's Annual Gift Guide where we make recommendations for everyone in your family (friends, co-workers and even bosses, too.) You can wrap up all your shopping in one stop here at Believe and we hope that makes a hectic time a little easier. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fuzzy Faces For Fall Are Back At Believe

Autumn is here and with that first hint of cold weather, the man in your life may be itching (excuse the pun) to grow some facial hair. We also know that, left to his own devices, he would probably just grow the hair out, wash it with bar soap, take some scissors to it if it got too long and call it a day. But you (being a woman and a reader of Believe's blog) know better. If its a beard he's hankering for, here's some hint on how he can look more like Johnny Depp and less like Zach Galifianakis.
First, let's talk about beards and facial shapes. Just like a great hairstyle can divert from our weak features and enhance our best ones, so to can a beard do the same for men.
If a man has a long face, he'll need a beard that is fuller at the sides and shorter at the chin. Adding width to the sides will make his face appear shorter.
The exact opposite is true if he has a round face. Then he'll want to go longer at the chin to add length. Keep the sides short and no bushy sideburns (a goatee looks good on round faces.)
If the guy has a square face, he should have the beard longer at the chin and shorter at the sides to give the illusion of a longer face. (Goatees work with this shape face, too.)
Small faces should have small facial hair. Just like large jewelry on a small woman, a big beard can overwhelm a little guy. Keep things in proportion.
With a large face, the opposite is true. Go big or go home and then just follow the tips above about face shape.
If a guy has an oval face, congratulations! He's got what is considered the ideal shape and can wear any facial hair he chooses.
Here's a few beard styles for him (and you) to consider:
Van Dyke Beard -This is a moustache combined with a goatee (or Soul Patch--see below) with no hair connecting the two and no hair covering the cheeks. By the way, there was a Van Dyke--he was a 17th century painter--so maybe this will bring out the creativity in your man.
The Goatee -This is confined to only the chin area and can be short, broad or of any fanciful shape (think Hunger Games). By attaching it with a moustache and a small beard bridge, it is called a French beard and is great for man with small chins.
Soul Patches -This feaures a small patch of beard under the lips and above the chin with no mustache (and no other facial hair). It can be triangular pointed and requires only a minimal amount of trimming.
Stubble Beards-Like those made famous by such men as David Beckham often sports is a two (or more) day growth of beard and gives your man a tough guy image. (This type of beard may make a kind of tough guy of you, too, if you get razor-burned by this beard. Take care of your own skin while kissing him.  Rub some emollient, like Aestelance Butter around your own lips and jaw after some heavy smooching.) An electric razor hovering just above the stubble is the way to maintain this type of beard.
Full Beards-To avoid looking like a member of  the ZZ Top band, Brad Pitt on his bad days or Charles Darwin, your man has to keep his full beard well-trimmed and pay attention to its maintenance and condition. Treat it just like the hair on his head--get it cut well (we are happy to do this a Believe), maintain its shape (we at Believe will teach you how) and use shampoo like Aestalance G and conditioner like Chromastics TriOrganic Light Conditione to keep the beard hair in tip-top shape.

Chin Curtain Beard -Easy to maintain, this is grown only on the lower part of the guy's face along the jawline, from cheek to cheek. It looks sleek and slightly historic.
Sideburns Beards-Coming down from the temples and running along the jawline, whether or not its accompanied by a moustache, this type of beard is for the guy who is an individualist. Bring your guy into Believe to consult on just how busy those sideburns should be to suit his face and we'll even teach him to use a trimmer to keep that Civil War look from taking over.
Caring for the new beard:
Have him use the same shampoo and conditioner on his face as he does on his head.  Good ones carried at Believe include Camellia Sinensis (green tea extract) and Annuus (Sunflower) Seed extract.
If his beard is gray, conditioning is key because grey hair can grow thicker and more bristly than colored hair. The conditioning will help soften the beard (and help you with that kissing problem.) Try Chromastic molding cream or Aestalance Butter.
For unruly beards, a dab of conditioner like Aestalance Hydrate will work wonders.
To give his beard the best shape possible, make an appointment at Believe and have his beard trimmed professionally.
A clear shaving oil will allow him to see what he is shaving at home and will help ensure clean lines around his beard.
Choose a trimmer with an adjustable trimming guide for mistake-proof trimming and consider buying two clippers. A full sized clipper will make overall trimming easier, while a small fine-toothed trimmer will cut closer and allow him to get a clean outline.
Keep the beard smooth and free from tangles by using a fine tooth comb through the beard in the direction of the hair growth.
If his beard is graying or a dramatically different color from the hair on your head, make an appointment at Believe and we will dye it for him (avoiding the mess and keeping him from dyeing his neck, his chin skin and the whole bathroom.)
Invest in a wall-mounted mirror with a telescoping arm for your new bearded wonder. This will prevent him from having to lean across the bathroom counter and ensure he can get a close up view for trimming.
We've got more tips (including the latest styles) for those men who want to sport a moustache this fall or winter. Check back here soon for our blog about 'staches. For now, call Believe soon for an appointment for that guy in your life so we can get his beard off to its best start.

(And don't forget to come in for your pink hair extension through October. Only $10 and all money goes to Pink Hair For Hope to fight breast cancer.)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Believe Helps Fight Breast Cancer

Through the end of October, Believe is joining 1,000 salons nationwide to support "Pink Hair For Hope"-- a fundraiser that has already raised more than $2 million to help fight breast cancer. For $10, clients can add a striking pink hair extension to show their support of this great cause. (Yes, the $10 includes application and removal--though you may come to love your colorful new addition so much, you may want to make it permanent!) And, best of all, every cent goes to support the American Cancer Society's fight against breast cancer.

It's a fight that needs fighting. According to the American Cancer Society, more than 212,000 new cases of breast cancer were diagnosed in the USA in 2010, adding to the 2.3 million women in the USA with a history of breast cancer.

What is Breast Cancer?
Breast cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the breast. It differs by individual, age group, and even the kinds of cells within the tumors themselves. Obviously no woman wants to receive this diagnosis, but hearing the words “breast cancer” doesn’t always mean an end. It can be the beginning of learning how to fight, getting the facts, and finding hope.

Here's one startling fact: Women in the United States get breast cancer more than any other type of cancer except for skin cancer. It is second only to lung cancer as a cause of cancer death in women.
 According to the National Cancer Institute:
      One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.
      When breast cancer is detected early (localized stage), the 5-year survival rate is 98%.
      Over 30% of women are diagnosed after breast cancer has spread beyond the localized stage.
Know Your Risk
Risk factors for breast cancer include:

Age: Half of all women diagnosed are over age 65.
Weight: Being obese or overweight.
Diet & Lifestyle: Lack of activity, a diet high in saturated fat, and more than two drinks per day.
Menstrual & Reproductive History: Early menstruation or late menopause, having your first child
at an older age or not having given birth, or taking birth control pills for more than ten years if you are
under 35.
Family & Personal History: A family history of breast cancer—particularly a mother, sister. or
a personal history of breast cancer of benign (non-cancer) breast disease.
Medical & Other Factors: Dense breast tissue (often identified by a mammogram), past radiation
therapy to the breast or chest area. A history of hormone treatments—such as estrogen and
progesterone, or gene changes— including BRCA1, BRCA2, and others.
You can get more information by using the National Cancer Institute's Assessment Tool.

Breast Cancer Signs & Symptoms:
A change in how the breast or nipple feels:
You may experience nipple tenderness or notice a lump or thickening in or near the breast or in the underarm area.

A change in how the breast or nipple looks: 
This could mean a change in the size or shape of the breast or a nipple that is turned slightly inward. In addition, the skin of the breast, areola or nipple may appear scaly, red or swollen or may have ridges or pitting that resembles the skin of an orange.
Nipple discharge.

Breast Self-Exam (BSE)
Taking a few minutes to do a breast self-exam a minimum of once a month can make a lifetime of difference. Nearly 70% of all breast abnormalities are found through self-exams. If you find a lump, schedule an appointment with your doctor, but don't panic—8 out of 10 lumps are not cancerous. For additional peace of mind, call your doctor whenever you have concerns.

How to do a breast self-examination: 
In the Shower
Fingers flat, move gently over every part of each breast. Use your right hand to examine the left breast, left hand for the right breast. Check for any lump, hard knot, or thickening. Carefully observe any changes in your breasts.
Before a Mirror
Inspect your breasts with your arms at your sides. Next, raise your arms high overhead.
Look for any changes in the contour of each breast, a swelling, a dimpling of the skin, or changes in the nipples. Then rest your palms on your hips and press firmly to flex your chest muscles. Left and right breasts will not exactly match—few women's breasts do.
Lying Down
Place a pillow under your right shoulder and put your right arm behind your head. With the fingers of your left hand flat, press your right breast gently in small circular motions, moving vertically or in a circular pattern covering the entire breast.
Use light, medium, and firm pressure. Squeeze the nipple; check for discharge and lumps. Repeat these steps for your left breast.
At Believe, we not only care about your beauty, but your well-being. Please take time to learn more about breast cancer and how early detection--including self-examination can help you detect it early. And come in to Believe Beauty Lounge to support our "Pink Hair For Hope" fundraiser now through the end of October. Your $10 can really help make a difference in the fight against breast cancer.