Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fighting Winter Dry Hair and Skin At Believe

Spring is right around the corner (trust us) but with cold, windy, stormy days of winter, it surely doesn’t feel that way and your hair and skin don’t seem to believe it either. Your lips get chapped, your skin dries up and your hair feels like straw. 

What’s worse is the static electricity that gives you an extra jolt and makes your hair do that less-than-attractive things of standing on end. Believe can help fight winter woes in all ways.
Take advantage of our new online appointment scheduling at or pick up the phone and call us at (914) 747-0778 and schedule an appointment. We’ll take you in, unwrap you from your scarf, hat, mittens and coat, put a hot mug of herbal tea in your hand and get to work fighting Old Man Winter.

For lips, we have ZUM organic chapsticks made with all natural ingredients to soothe and heal your kisser no matter how cracked. We’ll then send you home with some ZUM body lotion and soap made with real goat’s milk to have your itchy skin back to normal long before you see the first daffodil. Next we’ll tackle that hair!

We at Believe know what those cold winds (and the overheated places we go to get away from them) can do to our hair—dry it right out until it feels (and sometimes looks) like hay in a country barn. You need a deep conditioning treatment during this season when we are all heating our homes and offices and think how yummy a scalp massage would feel (we’ll give you both). We also have some of the world’s best products to maintain the moisture at home afterwards. 

Agadir International—which contain a miracle substance known as Argan Oil from the fruit of the native Moroccan Argan tree (Argania Spinosa) keeps your hair shiny and supple even in winter. A daily conditioner like Iden Treatment to keep moisture in your hair with a dollop of Aestelance Butter for good measure (It can even be used on your dry skin.)

 Keep the crackles to a minimum by using Aromatic Lotion Anti-Static Spray by Aestelance (even on your hairbrush to cut down on static). And speaking of brushes, plastic hairbrushes are doing you no favors when it comes to static. Check out our selection of natural bristle brushes while you are at Believe. Using high quality hair sprays and gels like Iden Finish Spray and Hydrogel will also help the problem.

Since winter is so harsh, it is best to treat your hair gently in these months. Shampoo less often and then only with a conditioning shampoo (we’ll be happy to recommend some.) Don't blow-dry your hair. Instead pat it (don't rub) dry with a towel and let it air dry whenever possible. Use a wide tooth comb on wet hair, never pull with a brush. (Be sure to leave enough time for hair to fully dry before you race out into the cold air, though. Suffering for beauty needn’t include catching pneumonia!)

At Believe we have everything you need to keep (or get) your hair in fighting shape to stay in the ring with winter and come out shining in Spring. Make an appointment soon and let us add some shine to your winter-weary hair.