Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How To Relax (and boy, do we need it now!)

This is the week where you get to take a breather from the holiday madness...

Ok, it's really more of a gulp of air in-between shoveling mountains of snow out of your driveway (and the piles of ribbons and wrapping paper from your living room), waving goodbye to your relatives, finally throwing out those over-used leftovers, praying school will start soon, and (if you are like us), finding yourself face down in one of the new books you got as a gift (the pages of which are now slightly drool-stained.)

Take heart, New Year's Eve is almost here (at Believe, we've got a couple of slots open to make you look like a million bucks without costing you a million bucks. Give us a call right now! (914) 747-0778.

This week's blog will be about a topic dear to all of our hearts: Relaxation. We know we don't get enough of it, we know you don't get enough of it, and 2011 is when we should all make a conscious effort to do more of it...but maybe you don't know how?

Here's some tricks of the trade:
Get Some Sleep: Our bodies really do need 6-8 hours so our minds can go a-wandering places we can't go in waking moments. Think of it as rebooting your consciousness. A lot goes on in your brain while you sleep and it's all-important for clear-thinking, good decision making, even temperament, and physical health. If you have trouble sleeping, don't reach for the drugs right away―start with these simple tips and see if they help:
• Avoid alcohol and beverages containing caffeine, cut back on sugar (introducing more cinnamon in your food helps the cravings), and give up nicotine. Drink warm milk before bed.
• Don't watch TV, read thrillers, or fight with your spouse or kids just before bed. Calm your mind. Try some deep breathing and/or meditation. Try this site for some natural sounds to help you unwind
• Get a good bed. There is a reason Sleep Number and Tempurpedic beds cost more―they are worth it― especially as you get older. Aches and pains can keep you awake.
• Make sure your room is noiseless, dark, and cool. Turn the alarm clock's face (with it annoying LED
light) away from you.
• Put a laptop in your room and set it to Pandora a free music site, that will play lots of selections of any type of music you pick (by artist, song or genre) and needs you to do nothing except confirm you are still
listening after a while. If you don't respond (because you are in dreamland), it will turn itself off.
• Try a natural sleep aid like melatonin or take a hot bath by candlelight—we stock some lovely fragrant ones. (Aromatherapy oils in the water help even more.)

Accept (that you deserve to relax): Fight back against that little voice in your head saying, “You really should do one more load of laundry before you sit down”. The laundry can wait. You need to rest. Let everyone in your family know you really mean it. Put a time for relaxation for yourself on the family calendar in black ink (no pencil!) and don't cut into that time except for a legitimate emergency. If this means locking the door to your room, go ahead.

Exercise 30 Minutes Every Day: Whether it's a walk round the neighborhood or just time spent on your basement treadmill, put in the time moving your body-- and be sure to stretch often (lowering your shoulders prevents tension buildup.)

Get A Massage: We offer several types right here at Believe and know that undoing the knots in your body helps prevent knots in your mind.

Visualize: Especially when you don't feel calm-- Close your eyes and imagine every detail of your favorite beach or hiking spot. Hear the surf. Smell the trees. Be there―Such a mental vacation can do wonders.

Think Positively: This too shall pass. Everything does. Things will look better tomorrow (or surely the day after.)

Love Thyself: A new hairstyle (or new color) or a makeover (with our custom makeup, blended just for you) can raise your spirits and chase away stress. Make an appointment with us at today.

Cuddle Your Pet: (This is easier if that fur is freshly washed. We have organic pet supplies to make Fluffy smell great.)

Try A New Hobby: Paint or needlepoint or go take photos. No one cares if you are any good. Expanding your mind fills it with things other than stressful thoughts.

Cease All Communication: (Not forever―we aren't saying you should join a nunnery.) Close the cell phone, shut down the email account, turn your face away from Facebook, and watch a movie that will make you laugh out loud. Not only is laughter really medicine, but all those problems will be waiting for you later―when you are not on your last nerve.

Give And Get More Hugs: It's hard to stay sour when hugging someone or, better still, being enfolded in someone's arms. It's said 12 hugs a day is a necessary daily dose for good amounts of endorphins...Three is the bare minimum. Got no one to hug? Stop on by Believe Beauty Lounge. We'll give you a hot cup of tea, share some smiles, and you'll surely get a hug both as you come in and as you go out.

We look forward to spending wonderful times with you in 2011. From all of us at Believe Beauty Lounge—Happy New Year!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Believe's New Year's Resolutions Suggestions For You

It's that time of year again when we all reflect on the year past and vow to make a few changes to make the new year upcoming better than the last. In that spirit, we at Believe, offer a few resolutions for you to ponder:
Volunteer: Give away your time, your money, your creativity. Go read at a nursing home; work at a soup kitchen; collect your neighbors cast-off clothes and drive them to the drop-off bin; take an elderly neighbor to a doctor's appointment; give some seeds from what you've grown to the community garden (and donate the extra food to a nearby homeless shelter); send money to Covenant House,The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee or the Remote Area Medical to get annual healthcare clinics to rural areas. By giving, you'll have more to give. Or keep your charity within our community. At Believe, we contribute to many local charities and we are better people for it. Check this blog throughout the year for the neighborhood benefits and causes to which we contribute--we'll be happy to pass your donation along.

Sing More: Out loud and not just in the shower. Serenade your baby or grandkid or just sing in your car. Don't know the lyrics? There's an app for that. Download SoundHound (for free)--then just point it at any radio, stereo, or Muzak and it will identify both the song and the lyrics. Dance, too (alone or with your dog). It will lift your spirits.

Get A Flu Shot: Year after year we keeping meaning to get a flu shot, but the season is over by the time we actually get to it. Change this tardy habit in 2011. Check with your doctor if it is safe to get one (most doctors say even pregnant women should) and then go...better still, drive an elderly neighbor or two.

Commit To A Skin Care Routine: Don't just slapon some moisturizer when you think of it, but exfoliate twice a week (three times if you've got oily skin), moisturize faithfully twice a day (all over your body, too) and schedule a facial twice a month. Your skin will thank you.

Age Gracefully, Not Fearfully: This year, try really accepting yourself. Change what you must (you're not still smoking now are you? Lip lines are the best thing you can expect from that!) and love the rest. Well-tended silver hair looks stunning on some women (try our clarifying shampoo to take out yellow tones); Cougars really do look a bit pathetic (you lived your life when you were younger, now live it even better now that your are older), and that little extra padding around your hips might actually help protect you during a fall. We can help you lessen lines and wrinkles, but be proud of every one you have. They are badges of honor for havingreally lived.

Stop Dyeing Your Own Hair: Visit a master colorist (like Believe's owner, Lisa) and get the shade that really suits you best (go lighter as you get older--the shades are less harsh.)

Wear Sunscreen Every Day: Winter and summer. Nothing protects your skin from cancer better and Believe has the best moisturizers (organic goat's milk Zum Lotion), shea butter organic lip protection and makeup, Giella Custom-Blended Mineral Makeup for keeping safe and beautiful.

Clean out your makeup drawer: No more lipsticks over three months old and mascara, eye shadow, and eye liner should be pitched every month--they are breeding grounds for bacteria and change shades on your when they are old. Make an appointment with our artist, Sam, who will custom blend makeup (and whip up the perfect color lipstick) just for you.

Schedule A Skin Cancer Screening: Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer and, according to the American Cancer Society(ACS), it makes up more than half of all diagnosed cases each year. Early detection can save lives, but most of us don't know our risk level, and too few of us have had a head-to-toe skin check check. Visit your dermatologist and book appointments for the next two years to make sure you'll be around for many more new years.

Change Your Hairstyle: Even your head can get bored with the same look day after day. Get your hair cut shorter; try the new asymmetrical cuts; or see how you'd look with a longer do by trying our SoCap 100% human hair extensions (we even do fun colored extensions just for the heck of it.) As the French have taught us, interesting women are always a bit unexpected.

Try A New Exercise Regime: Include Zumba or some dance class (how about pole dancing?) to keep things fresh and interesting. Or join a gym with a pool and learn different swim techniques (and include scuba certification to make that next trip to the Caribbean truly special.)

Vow To Treat Yourself Better: (Ditto for everyone around you, too.) Take a breath and count to 10 before you say anything when you are angry (or, as Thomas Jefferson said, if you are really mad, count to 100). Tell the people you love that you love them (they really aren't mind readers.) Walk a mile in someone else's shoes and be kind (especially to the elderly--you'll be there soon enough.) De-stress with a massage at least once a month (more if you've the time and money.) Smile as often as you can--even to people you don't get along with (they'll either wonder what you've got up your sleeve or smile back, improving the atmosphere for all.)

Be More Positive: Times have been tough the last year for many in our country, but keep your spirits up and try and have faith. Rid your life of negativity--root it out of your language (substitute "I can" for "I can't"), get rid of the negative people around you (gossipy, nasty people may sound interesting, but they really only spread poison), resign from situations that bring you down (that book club you hate, that commitment you made that now feels like a prison, or that job you dread every day.) Make a decision that 2011 will be a much better year and watch--it really will be a better we hope is full of blessings and joy for all of you.

We'll be open Christmas Eve and work as late as possible on New Year's Eve--but call soon for your pre-party appointment. Our open slots are filling fast.) And please make it one of your resolutions to come see us-often-in the New Year.

Here's to many blessings for us all in 2011.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Believe's Last-Minute Gift Round-Up

If you are still singing "The Twelve Days Of Christmas" you'd better check your calendar...Christmas is 10 days away! Are you ready? All your gifts bought? (I won't ask about wrapped...I'm know not to rub salt in a wound...) If they aren't and you are running behind, Believe is ready to help. 

We will make checking all the names off your list as easy as one-stop shopping at our salon...We are extending the offers we have made all month to you only (the readers of our blog). Just mention you saw the gifts here and we will honor these special discounts and sales...think of this as Believe's Gift Round-Up.

Gift 1: When you purchase one 8 ounce Zum Body Lotion, receive a 4 ounce purse-size lotion for free. This makes a perfect stocking stuffer or a great little gift for your office staff.

Gift 2: MD Skincare is now 30% off and everyone's skin can use some extra help in the winter. (Sorry, this offer does not include Alpha Beta Daily Pads.)

Gift 3: Talk about a personal gift! Get a custom blended lipstick 50% off with a purchase of any Giella makeup product. 

Gift 4: Help the folks on your list stay kissable this winter--get a free ZKISS organic shea butter lip treat in your choice of flavors when you spend $50 in products at our salon.

Gift 5: How about this for your sister, mom, or daughter? Make an appointment with Sam, our makeup artist, for a new look for the new year and get a complimentary lipstick. ($28 value.)

Gift 6: Buy $100 in products and receive a free ZUM organic goat's milk soap in your choice of fragrance. Goat's milk is hypoallergenic and helps even the driest skin.

Gift 7: Bring in your best friends for a complimentary skin consultation with our aesthetician, Jackie. Make a lunch date after--and pick up the tab.

Gift 8: And don't forget to treat yourself. When you buy a $100 gift card, receive a $20 gift card for yourself. Buy $50 gift card, receive a $10 for yourself. 

If you don't see what you need here,
come on in. You sit with a hot cup of herbal tea or espresso (for that little added zip you need about now), and let us help pick out the perfect gifts for everyone on your list... We promise, we won't tell anyone you waited till the last minute. Our lips are sealed.

Oh and don't forget to make your appointment for your New Year's hair and makeup. We will be open on New Year's Eve from 10 am to whenever we are done "dolling" everyone up, but slots are filling fast, so call today--(914) 747-0778.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Perfect Gifts For Everyone On Your List!

Chanukah is almost over and Christmas is coming right up! If you've seen the full-to-bursting parking lots at the Mall or waited way too long to speak to Customer Service when your internet shopping went awry, you know that time is flying. 

If you are sick of the crowds, out of ideas, and wish you could wave a magic wand and have all your shopping behind you, we at Believe (doing double duty as fairy godmothers) can grant that wish. (Consider it our little gift to you.) 

Here are our picks for Perfect Gifts For Everyone On Your List: 

Your Mom: Is your mom always complaining about falling in love with a shade of lipstick only to find to it has been discontinued? No more. At Believe's Custom Makeup Bar,  our makeup artist, Sam (tempted away from Lancombe, et al) will create the perfect shade (or replicate the shade from that last little bit left in the tube) right in front of you...and we'll keep it on file forever. No more discontinued lipstick blues or any other "discontinued" blues...ALL makeup can be duplicated.  She's guaranteed to love it.

Teenager Girl: Is she all vegan and organic? We have nail polish with no formaldehyde. Not only is it better for her, its better for the planet. Or how about a Young Person Acne Facial?  Let her face the future bump-free and with more confidence.

Teenage Boy: Long hair is making a comeback, but that in-between stage (when it's growing out) is a mess. Buy him a Cut and Style to keep it in shape (and sexy) while it is getting longer. Do you really think Robert Pattinson got that tousled look from nature? 

Grandmother: Is she tired of looking her age?  Send her in for a custom color by Chromastics. Permanent and Demi-Permanent colors are based on pure tones.  Countless colors can be achieved and due to a soy and hydrolyzed wheat protein base, the product actually helps repair her hair, no matter how long (or how badly) she's been coloring it.

Husband:  It is about time that he discovers the joys of facials. Not only will the rubbing of aromatherapy oils and moisturizing creams surely become one of his favorite activities, but it will help erase tension (and wrinkles) from his rugged face. Don't just buy him a gift card--Make an appointment for him with our brilliant aesthetician, Jackie, for an Age-Defying Facial. Afterwards, make a night of it. How about a candlelit diner after at the nearby Iron Horse Grille for just the two of you? (Be sure to tell him he looks even more handsome than usual.)

Little Kids:  We love them and make it fun for them to get their hair cut. We promise to listen and let them tell us what they want (with mom's permission, of course) and since all little kids love to act like big kids, they'll have a blast. (Yes, everyone gets a celebratory lollipop-even the parents.)  We also have a sulfate-free haircare line especially for children, Circle of Friends, with fun scents like raspberry, banana, orange, blueberry and root beer.

In-Laws: They might actually agree their son or daughter didn't do so badly after all, marrying you--if you get them one of our fabulous massages. Whether it's a relaxing Swedish, full of wonderful oils and soothing strokes, or a Deep Tissue Massage, that will help ease the pain of those older bones, this gift is sure to be a hit with even the crankiest of in-laws. (And you'll be a hit, too.)

Co-workers: They are always tough to shop for, we know. How to get them something nice, but not too personal and, if your office engages in blind gift exchanges, what's a good one-size- fits-all gift to get? We recommend body butters like Aestalance--great for everybody's static-y hair (or bald scalp) and other dry bits.

Stocking Stuffers: The ZUM family of products make great stocking stuffers--give ZUM Organic Goat Milk Soap (in your choice of fragrances),  ZUM Mini Hand-Creams for everyone to carry in their briefcase or car, and ZKISS Organic Shea Butter Lip Treat  is welcome during these cold, drying months.

YOU: Let's not forget the most important person here. Instead of all those broken resolutions, make a real change in 2011. Consult with Lisa, Believe's owner (and one of the few Master Stylists around)  for the perfect new style and color or really do it up for that New Year's party and get So. Cap. Hair Extensions to instantly turn your workaday short hair into long and flowing locks. Extensions are not just for Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, you know. YOU are a star, too. Here's to shining brightly in the new year.

Wishing you the Best Every Day of the Year,
Lisa & The Team At Believe Beauty Lounge

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tips for beating holiday stress

Where did the time go? Wasn't it just Labor Day yesterday? It seems like that to us at Believe, but the holidays are upon us...Chanukah has begun, Christmas is hard on its heels, and then the new year beckons. Between now and then, it's rushing, shopping, parties, guests, family, and, of course, food, food and more food.

   All this celebrating is not only fun--but stressful.'s some tips to keep you beautiful and balanced through this hectic season and on into the new year:

*Get some sleep: You really don't have to stay up till midnight to get it all done. Take a page for the book of the older ladies you know--they do their shopping and wrapping w-a-a-y before the holidays (ok, make that a note to self for next year), but you can do a little each day now, instead of waiting till the last minute and thinking you will get it all done then. If you get to stay at home, nap! JFK ran the country on 10- minute power naps (though we prefer an hour after lunch). If you have little ones, curl up with them. You'll all be better able to cope.

*Drink more water than usual: Going in and out of heated spaces dries you up and good moist skin and hair begin on the inside. (Also, remember alcohol dehydrates you. Stick to a glass of festive champagne--it will help with the calorie count, too.)

*Hair needs moisture, too: Wash with a moisture giving shampoo and conditioner, then lock in that vital moisture by using a dab of organic butter worked through your hair. Try Aestelance Butter, made from basil, rosemary, sandalwood and all-natural ingredients (It smells wonderful and stands up to the constant on-off action of your cute wool hat.) Another trick to try--rub your hairbrushes with a dryer sheet every now and again. It helps with that static electricity problem. 

*Take off that cape: You aren't really Wonder Woman. Delegate! Your husband can wrap gifts, kids can load the dishwasher, and you don't have to volunteer to organize the gift exchange at work. Stress is hard on you (and is no good for your looks, either.)

*Not only your lips chap: You should always keep a good lip balm, like ZUM KISS, with you and use it often, but don't forget your cheeks, chin, elbows and knees. Winter winds get to the first two and keeping everything else covered constantly rubs and causes rough skin. Try thicker body butters like Zum Body, made with aloe vera, red clover, and essential oils.

*Make one more list: On top of the gift, wish, and to-do lists you are lugging around, make a gratitude list of all the blessings in your life. It is sure to give you the gift of perspective.

*Help others: Make sure to remember to save time and go online to donate to your local food pantry or pet shelter. Then, when you are kicking yourself for losing patience at your kids or spouse, you can remember you are not an evil witch--just over-worked.

*Give yourself more time: Start an hour earlier in the morning. Meditate for 20 minutes to start the day and take one item off your to-do list and move it to another day. You'll actually gain time by not being so frantic.

*Eat a good breakfast: Even if you don't the rest of the year, you need proteins and carbs (always yummy) since you are revving your engine higher now.

*Take a breath break: At around 2 or 3 pm when that slump hits (you know the one), stop everything and breathe deeply--in through your nose and out through your mouth--deeply enough to make your abdomen lift three times. Do a couple of neck rolls, rub your temples as though you are having a facial, and, if your doctor agrees, you might want to start taking a vitamin B tablet for a complex/protein boost.

*Think of those hidden hands and feet: Gloves and socks keep us warm, but wreck havoc with our skin and nails. Keep tea tree oil to rub on those toenails (to prevent fungus growth) and be sure to rub cream in your cuticles to keep them from cracking. We use Zum Rub, a shea butter moisturizer. Naturally, the skin of both hands and feet need extra moisture too. Make sure to run moisturizer all over immediately after a shower (before your skin dries) and remember to keep that shower on the cooler side. Hot water is drying. Keep cream to rub in your hands throughout the day (Zum Minis are great for your purse or briefcase.)

Pre-sleep stress busters: Consider giving up caffeine for the duration.  Explore the wonderful world of herbal teas (visit Annie's to learn the time-tested qualities of each). A cup before bed, a warm bath (throwing a few of the same herbs in some cheesecloth and then in the tub is restful, too) and lavender oil (a dot under your nose and one between and just above your eyebrows) can lead to more restful sleep and sweeter dreams (Maybe you'll actually have some visions of sugarplums dancing in your head!) Try all of these for over-excited little ones too.

*Relatives can be pains in the ***: We know, but you've only got one family --and as our mother's said, you can do anything for a little while--even put up with your mother or mean Aunt Sadie. You can steer the conversation in another direction or leave the room (no, that doesn't mean stomp out). Remember, you don't have to go to every fight you are invited to, life is short, and it is the holidays. Enjoy yourself.

*Treat yourself to an early gift: Have a facial (or even a Vitamin C or Pumpkin Peel Treatment to banish dry flakes) get a massage (cold muscles are stiff muscles and our therapist has magic fingers), stop by Believe for a cup of tea or espresso and a little shopping while you're at it. We've got a holiday special skin treatment Tapas menu--Pick two services for $100.) Buy a scalp/hair treatment for him and some of the world's greatest organic baby products for Junior. (Ask us how you can earn a gift card for yourself too!)

   From our family here at Believe to your family, we wish you happy (and stress-free) next few weeks and hope to see you soon.