Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Stylist's Toolbox: Blow Dryers

The tools of a hairstylist are so very important. Every stylist needs quality instruments to perform her job (and her art) at her very best. Beyond quality, there is also an issue of comfort. No two stylists are the same and therefore each of their tools varies as much as they do. Here at Believe, we like to occasionally profile some of those tools that we use to help our friends and clients understand a bit more about the art that is hair styling.

This edition: Blow Dryers

A blow dryer is a huge part of any stylist's toolbox. For the stylist and the client, it's all a part of the experience. The blow dryer hums in the background as we enter our salons, like a subtle greeting that we have arrived in our temples of beauty. We greet the receptionist and moments later our locks are rising ever so gently into the air under the warm gust of our stylist's personal six-shooter. We know the feeling and the sounds so well, but what makes a good blow dryer stand out from the rest?

Power and higher wattage are all good things when looking at a blow dryer. A more powerful dryer will give you more variety in your style, faster styling times, and a greater flexibility in your presentation. For many people, experts say that 1300 to 1875 watts is a good number to look for in their blow dryers. But of course, any dryer is dependent on the style as well. A lower powered dryer may be ideal for different cuts, such as blow drying bangs or setting curls.

Heat (or lack thereof)
Blow dryer packaging will brag an awful lot about high heat in their dryers. While a greater heating capacity is good for some people with thicker, coarser hair, it may be far too damaging for those with finer, thinner hair. Adjust your heat levels accordingly. Even if your dryer has a lot of power and heat, you can always turn it down. High heat might also be useful if your hair is soaking wet,  just out of the shower, but experts recommend switching to a cool setting when the hair is about 80% dry.

Not all dryers are the same, and the technology has certainly changed and nowadays we have a larger variety of choice. Here are a few options that you may encounter out there:

Ionic dryers have a technology that uses negatively charged ions to break down water molecules present in the hair. This breaking down process allows hair to dry faster and healthier. 

Ceramic dryers emit non-damaging infrared heat, which is a healthier option for your hair over traditional dryers.

Tourmaline dryers emit infrared heat and negatively charged ions. This means the hair will be less frizzy, shinier, and generally healthier. These dryers also allow your hair to have a higher and greater heat tolerance.

Your Hair, Your Choice
There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to blow dryers. Each type is different for each person, and varies as much as our hair does. With this in mind, it is very important for each and every one of us to do our research and determine the best fit for our hair type, color, and style. Hopefully this information will serve as a great jumping off point for your better, healthier hair.

The Believe Choice

So after all of this information, you might be asking, "What do the good people at Believe use?" Well, we are proud to use Ergo Ionized Blow Dryers at the salon. Ergo Dryers have been "proven to be a perfect combination of air flow, heat output, and controlled sound level to create a smooth, shiny, and humidity resistant finish to the hair." They do a great job and we are happy to use them for our clients and sell them right in the salon. Ask us all about them at your next appointment!