Thursday, October 6, 2016

Welcome, Brent Bishop

Believe is proud to welcome the newest member of the team, Brent Bishop, into the fold. Brent will be providing barber services to the salon and working alongside the rest of the Believe family in a variety of capacities. He is great at what he does, has a wonderful personality, and we couldn't be happier to have him on board!

Here is a full list of Brent's prices and services. -

Below is a brief interview Brent did to better introduce himself to the community.

1. What is your general history? Where are you from?
I'm from Colorado and have been in New York for the past 5 years cutting hair and working full time in a Bible education work. Now I'm about to get married to my best friend and start the next chapter.

2. What inspired you to get involved with hair styling / barbering? How long have you been doing it?
I love making people feel good, and very few things can make a person feel like they are at their best than receiving a first rate haircut experience. I wanted to do something where I can control what I do, how I do it, and know that I am helping people reach their potential. For the past 6 years of cutting hair, I have attempted to give the best service possible to whoever comes by.

3. Why do you love what you do?
The people make it all worth it. People put trust in barbers and hairstylists to make sure they present themselves the way they want the rest of the world to view them. I love handing the mirror over and helping them see the person they want to be.

4. Do you have a specialty / style in your work? Something that describes how you approach your craft?

I specialize in Barbering. I cut hair for an international organization that gave me the opportunity to cut every type of hair. I view every client as a chance for me to get better and learn something. I will never stop learning and that in itself excites me.

5. What do you hope to accomplish at Believe?
I hope to contribute to the great atmosphere and learn from the fantastic professionals that work there.

6. What is your longer term goal in the industry? 
I want to be the best Barber I can be and be able to be trusted by whoever walks through the door.

Kangen Alkalized Water

Good news! We now offer Kangen Alkalized Water to our guests. Not sure what that means? Here is a description from the official Kangen website:

There are various types of water in the world, however we proudly assure that Kangen Water™ is unique and truly beneficial for your body. We hope that you can improve your health with Kangen Water™. You can maintain a healthy lifestyle utilizing all five of our waters described below.

True Health is not only maintained through the water we consume but with all the water we use in our daily lives...water for drinking, cooking, personal care, general cleansing and sanitation. We invite you to join our happy human network of True Health and experience the many uses of Kangen Water.

Our goal is always to achieve optimal True Health ! The purpose of Kangen Water is to activate cells. It is now accepted that active oxygen is a cause of many illnesses and Kangen Water offers immediate benefits by removing unnecessary active oxygen from one's system because of its strong oxidation reduction potential (ORP). Most supermarket waters have a positive ORP while Kangen Water has a negative ORP. This is the type of water that offers True Health benefits!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Great job, Lisa!

The friends and staff here at Believe Beauty Lounge just want to congratulate Owner & awesome person, Lisa Koebbe Bevan, on another fantastic class at this year’s ABCH Energizing Summit in Los Angeles. Her techniques on color and style had a huge impact on the students, and no doubt a great deal of friends and fans were created at this enormous stylist & colorist event.

Congrats, Lisa!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Did you see Believe on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee?

Did you catch Believe Beauty Lounge on "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee"?
If we only had a dime for every time our dear friends Jerry and Steve to stop by to say hello.