Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back To School Hair with Believe

We know, we know. Summer's over and it's back to school. We here at Believe know it isn't easy to get back in the swing of things (we've got kids, too!) Mornings bring madness while you are trying to make sure you and your student eat a good breakfast (or any at all), help them find their books (and that homework they will frantically try to finish before the class where it's due ) and both of you barely have time to get dressed, much less have time to do your hair. The chaos that defines back-to-school is the same whether you are the student or the parent.
Well, we at Believe, feel your pain and are here to help. We've got some back-to-school styles to save you time and trouble and still have you feeling beautiful. Quick and low-maintenance are the bywords of these styles. Here's a few to try:
Sleek blowout: A quick pass with a flat iron in the morning sees you ready to go. (A dry shampoo product like Batiste Dry Shampoo means you can even get more than a day out of this style.)
Cascading waves: Sweep your hair back, then loosely wrap random sections around a curling iron to create a subtle wave. Spray lightly with Iden Finish Spray.
Long side braid: This low-slung braid can cover a multitude of sins. No time to wash your hair? No matter. The messy braid will hide the evidence. If you braid hair when it's clean, the braid can create tomorrow's fantastic waves, too.
Pixie cut: Come into Believe and get rid of that tired summer hair. You will love the low-maintenance this style brings and it can draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones like never before. Add some texture with Chromastics Molding Cream or Aestelance Butter. You may never go long again.
Side part: Change up your look in the easiest of ways. The side part can go on either the left or right of your scalp (but look out for hidden cow licks that may stick straight up at the hairline!)
Top knot: Nothing could be easier for long hair. Pull it up with a covered elastic (leave a strand of hair to wrap around and hide it), then secure with a couple of bobby pins, spritz a little spray and you are out the door, looking pulled together.
Loose curls: These may make that guy in Algebra want to run his fingers through you hair. Wrap the ends around a big-barreled curling iron for a few seconds and finger brush. Finish with a light spray like Chromastics TriOrganic Spray Gel and go.
Headbands: Hillary Clinton knows a thing or two about saving time by using a headband. For years, it was her signature look. Pull your hair back, spritz the ends with Lustre Shine Spray and you are ready to discuss America's foreign policy (or at least look good in World History Class.)
Hair Accessories: Nobody said you have to save the sparkle only for the prom, Pull strands (even haven't washed my hair stringy ones) with a distracting hair accessory and you'll make your own fashion statement.

Quick hint: Get your hair ready with a heat protectant product like Agadir Oil_that we sell at Believe and blow dry your hair   only partways. Leave it slightly damp and pull it into a high bun. Keep it up there with a couple of bobby pins and by the time you get to class (or the office) you can take it down, shake it out and have fabulous loose curls and plenty of volume. Keep a light hairspray like Sette By La Brasilana in your locker or office desk drawer and keep the body all day long.

Here's hoping these styles help you make the grade for this crazy back-to-school time and please give us a call at Believe soon to schedule that cut, color and to pick up all the wonderful products mentioned here (we stock them all.) We are back from vacation and ready to help! See you soon!